Clara (nayami_ruka) wrote in nantoka_fansubs,

Shisso viewing problems

To all of those who have problems viewing Shisso:

I haven't been able to see what can be wrong.... the file works fine for me, the hardsubber, the QC and a bunch of people who've downloaded the file from here....

Let's try a few things, and if all these don't work then we'll have a re-hardsub:

1. Have you downloaded completely all the parts? Sometimes downloads time out and the file doesn't download completely... make sure all parts are 90Mb except the last one of each half. (The last part for the first half is 80,3Mb and the one for the second half is 57,5Mb)
If one of your parts isn't the correct size, redownload.
Also check all the files are named exactly the same. only the final .001 .002 etc should be different!!!

2. Do you have free space in you PC? and free memory? Some of you have said the movie doesn't run smoothly... Make sure you have some free disk space and try opening another movie file like a movie or something big, see if that video also lags off a bit.

3. The movie has been hardsubbed with XviD Codec. Make sure you have it. You can download it from the divx official homepage ^^

Please reply here to tell me if things work/don't work

thank you ^^

Tags: shisso, technical problems
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