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[release] Hoshi wo mezashite ~version 2

Hello everyone!!!!
Yes, this is it, the final version of the Hoshi wo Mezashite LE DVD!!! ^^

Hoshi wo mezashite LE DVD team:
Raw: pi_ono & miyu
Translation: nayami_ruka & Kaori N.
Timing: RedTurtleReveri
QC: RedTurtleReveri, Kaori N., Becci & Miochou
Hardsubbing: RedTurtleReveri
Uploading: RedTurtleReveri, nayami_ruka

Special thanks: mhaellix ^^

this is a reviewed version of the project, with translation corrections, nicer typesetting etc etc etc. Please replace the first version with this one!!! ^^

Tags: hoshi wo mezashite, release
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have i left a comment b4..
i dun tink so, but i m downloading it now!
thnx so much for the hard work ^^
i watched the first version n knew wad they were saying~
esp loved the performance part
cant wait for ur future releases~
u guys really did a very good job!! thanx a zillion :) nantoka rulz!!
Thanks you a much for this ^^ i wanted to know what thez were saying . That's very nice of you ^^ thanks a lot for your other release(Shissou) too. Gambatte for la suite
Wah! (*U*) Thank you very much for this! I bought the DVD & watched it before m(__ __)m but sady only understand like 25% of it... so now to have this is awesome! You all are awesome! Thanks for your hard work, for fangirls like me who cannot understand!
You did a great Job!!! Hontou ni ARigatou Gozaimassssssssssu!!!!
Beautiful! Thank you so much for all your work! Can't wait for all the other projects. Take care, because you are AWESOME. <3


April 16 2007, 10:16:47 UTC 10 years ago

erm i noe this is stupid but could u make the layout downer a bit?
cause i wanna join the community but the pic is blocking the link..=X
you can join by going to the communitie's profile or by clicking this link:
Thanks a lot for sharing your work, thank you so much Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Looking forward to your next work!
Hontouni arigatou for version 2!!!♥
thanksssssssssss so much
Thank you so much for your hardwork in subbing this for the 2nd time. YaY. Thank you.
ZOMG. ANOTHER VERSION. I am DEFINITELY snaggina and I love you guys for all your hard work. You're all AMAZING for all of this and OMG, I can't wait. @.@ *goes to watch now* (Again.)
thanks so much for uploading.
must have been really hardwork for you guys.
thanks so very much.

will be taking it ....

THANK YOU for the new version!!! *gives cookies ice cream cake*
Love you all.
that's awesome !! thanks so much for sharing
Thanks! I wanted to know what cute things they were saying! XD Great job for working so hard for everyone's benefit! :D
thank you very much 4 subbing but i don't understand why i couldn't watch it

i joined them into 1 file by hjsplit but when i watch the windows media player can't play it. Also I use real player and it shows only green screen i can hear but i can not watch it.

i don't know why it's be like that.

if anyone can tell me what should i do plz tell me

coz i erally want to watch massu too -____-;


I had the same problem first and panicked. But look at the size of your files. One of mine weren't downloaded correctly and was size 40 instead of 90. After I downloaded it again and got the correct size it worked for me! Hopefully it will for you too!
thanks for the uploads......downloads it.....
arigatou gozaimasu!! ^_^ nice translation thanks!
thank you!!!I love NEWS!
Thank you so much! Will be waiting for the 300 mb version... Really appreciate all your hard work on subbing this! :)
thank you!!! I love you guys!!^^...XD...but I'm gunna wait for the 300 mb one, how much longer do you think until it's up?...
thank you so much for your hard work!
Thanky you very much for this! NEWS is love!!! *.*

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