Clara (nayami_ruka) wrote in nantoka_fansubs,

[release] Hoshi wo mezashite ~version 2

Hello everyone!!!!
Yes, this is it, the final version of the Hoshi wo Mezashite LE DVD!!! ^^

Hoshi wo mezashite LE DVD team:
Raw: pi_ono & miyu
Translation: nayami_ruka & Kaori N.
Timing: RedTurtleReveri
QC: RedTurtleReveri, Kaori N., Becci & Miochou
Hardsubbing: RedTurtleReveri
Uploading: RedTurtleReveri, nayami_ruka

Special thanks: mhaellix ^^

this is a reviewed version of the project, with translation corrections, nicer typesetting etc etc etc. Please replace the first version with this one!!! ^^

Tags: hoshi wo mezashite, release
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Thank you so much! Have watch the dvd endless times without knowing what they are saying. And now I will know thanks to you!


August 11 2007, 02:06:09 UTC 9 years ago

Seem like mediafile link can't be used anymore, and the MU link is so hard to download. Please can u reup MF link (part 6 & 7). Thank a lot!!!
woohoo! thank you thank you thank you!


August 15 2007, 18:29:19 UTC 9 years ago

thank you so much for subbing! you guys are the best! i love this DVD
thank you so much for subbing!!! :DD
:O thankyoooo >_< !!


August 25 2007, 18:42:33 UTC 9 years ago

wahhhhh..hontouni arigato!!! otsukaresama deshita..(^__^)


August 25 2007, 18:55:45 UTC 9 years ago

wahhhhh..hontouni arigato!!! otsukaresama deshita..(^__^).. happy now that i can understand what they're saying..(usually it takes a LoT of guessing..) hehe..
Taking! Thank you so much. -bows down-
thanks! i've been finding this video for some time.. i'll be taking from MF links! thanks so much!

with Love <333
omg i have been looking for this dvd <3 thank you
I tried to download part 6 of the MF link so many times but it keeps saying error. Can you please upload it again? Thank you!
Thanks for subbing and sharing.
However, can you reup part 6 (MF)? I can't download it.
Thank you very much
Thanks again
thanks a bunch~

hai~ part 6 of MF is broken.. or something..
kindly help me pls.. i'm having difficulty downloading parts5-7... i can't download them completely... thanks ^____^

God bless
OMG (O_o) there's subs at last!!! thanks! i really need those.... :D
yay =]

thanks soooooooo much!!!!!~

i love u guys to death~

haha honto aligatou ne...
I wanted to thank you for this. You guys rock!
thanks so very very much!! =D


November 1 2007, 02:44:08 UTC 9 years ago

I love you guys so much for subbing this it's not even funny >
thank you very much ^^
thanks for the hard work!!^^
but I'm having some problems.......
I've already downloaded twice, one using MU and the other with MF but I can´t wacth the videos...I can´t open them!!!!!T.T
any ideas how to solve this??
wich program I use to watch??
thanks for uploading.
just to inform you that the mediafire links are not working. (:
can you please repair them?
cause MF works better for me. (:
Thank you very much guys!
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