Clara (nayami_ruka) wrote in nantoka_fansubs,

[release] Hoshi wo mezashite ~version 2

Hello everyone!!!!
Yes, this is it, the final version of the Hoshi wo Mezashite LE DVD!!! ^^

Hoshi wo mezashite LE DVD team:
Raw: pi_ono & miyu
Translation: nayami_ruka & Kaori N.
Timing: RedTurtleReveri
QC: RedTurtleReveri, Kaori N., Becci & Miochou
Hardsubbing: RedTurtleReveri
Uploading: RedTurtleReveri, nayami_ruka

Special thanks: mhaellix ^^

this is a reviewed version of the project, with translation corrections, nicer typesetting etc etc etc. Please replace the first version with this one!!! ^^

Tags: hoshi wo mezashite, release
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thanks for subbing this!
I love you so much :D
Thanks for all your hard work, guys. I can't wait to watch this.
thanks...dloading it...^^
Thank you so much for subbing this part!!
I really appreciate your efforts for this hard work ^^!!
You don't know how long I've searched for a subbed version of this file. I was just too stupid (or blind) all this time to find it!

Thank you very much for this, I love this vid. And I'll probably love it even more by the time I understand it fully ♥
thxxx a lot^^
im definitely taking this =]
Thank you so much for subbing & sharing this!! ♥
since i'm taking this 1 more time,thanks again^^!
Downloading! Thanks for all the hard work!
I'll take this, thank you so much ^__^
I love the part where Koyama is bullied by Pi XD

Thank you very very much!! Your hard work is extremely appreciated :D
Thhananakkk youuuu :D

Thanks for all your hard work! m(_ _)m
waa~~ I've been looking for this for the longest timee!!
thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 <3 <3 !!!!!!! ^^
i have a problem downloading ):

only part 1 will work for me. whenever i download the rest it says "cannot render file". i realllllllly want to watch help me T_T
thank you!! ryo's stare was kakoii!! and he really looked good in this single. tks for all ur hard work ^_^
thank you so much!!!!!
You're all sugoii...!
I'm taking this..
i lost this raw i'm taking this.thanks so much!
Thank You very much. ^^
Thanks for all your hard work!
I'm snagging this~
Sugee Thank you!!! *---*
sugoi! thank you for all your hard work!
Thank you so much! U rock!
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