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Join the team!!!

Hi hi!!!!

Are you interested in helping out as a member of our team??? Then please reply here!!!
You can apply as a permanent member or only for a specific project, that isn't a problem!!
But please if you apply be serious about it ^^

What you can apply for:
- Translator (these are always needed!!! the more translators we have the more projects we'll be able to work on! ^^)
- Timer (do you have some expirience in timing? then please apply for this!)
- Quality Check (we are always in need of native English speakers to correct our work ^^ please bear in mind you'll recieve the project and will be asked to go through it asap)
  for the time being we have enough timers and QCs to handle all our projects, thank you everyone!!! ^^

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!


*don't reply here unless you are interested in applying please*
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