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[release] Hoshi wo mezashite ~version 2

Hello everyone!!!!
Yes, this is it, the final version of the Hoshi wo Mezashite LE DVD!!! ^^

Hoshi wo mezashite LE DVD team:
Raw: pi_ono & miyu
Translation: nayami_ruka & Kaori N.
Timing: RedTurtleReveri
QC: RedTurtleReveri, Kaori N., Becci & Miochou
Hardsubbing: RedTurtleReveri
Uploading: RedTurtleReveri, nayami_ruka

Special thanks: mhaellix ^^

this is a reviewed version of the project, with translation corrections, nicer typesetting etc etc etc. Please replace the first version with this one!!! ^^

The file is split into 7 parts, please join with hjplit.
Before joining, please make sure all 7 parts are named exactly the same and measure 90Mb except the last one, that measures 66Mb. ^^

MU links:
Part 1  //  Part 2  //  Part 3  //  Part 4  //  Part 5  //  Part 6  //  Part 7

SS links:
Part 1  //  Part 2  //  Part 3  //  Part 4  //  Part 5  //  Part 6  //  Part 7

MF links:
Part 1  //  Part 2  //  Part 3  //  Part 4  //  Part 5  //  Part 6  //  Part 7   

If you find a broken link please tell us so and we'll fix it asap!!!

I'm so happy we finally did it =D  *hugs everyone*

OTSUKARESAMADESHITA!!!!!!!!!!!! (*nice work!*)

note: please do not upload this video to streaming sites such as youtube.

keep checking for new releases soon!!!! ^^ check the projects list for more info!
do you have a NEWS video you'd love to see subbed? leave a comment in our suggestion box

and of course please support NEWS by buying this DVD here ^^

- Clara

Tags: hoshi wo mezashite, release
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