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[release] Music Fighter 070323


Hi everyone!!!! We're glad to announce that Nantoka Fansubs is back on its tracks and we are preparing new releases!

First of all, one of our pending projects....


Music Fighter 070323 team:
Project manager: nayami_ruka
Translation: nayami_ruka
Timing: mhaellix
QC: RedTurtleReveri, Nanami, Polarchucky33, nayami_ruka
Typesetting: RedTurtleReveri
Hardsubbing: RedTurtleReveri
Uploading: RedTurtleReveri, nayami_ruka

This is a first version, there will be a future version of the release with better typesetting

The file is split into 3 parts, please join them with hjsplit
Before joining, please make sure that parts 1 and 2 are 99Mb and part 3 is 25Mb. 

MegaUpload links:
Part 1  //  Part 2  //  Part 3

Mediafire links:
Part 1  //  Part 2  //  Part 3

SendSpace links:
Part 1  //  Part 2  //  Part 3    //  Whole file, not splitted (223Mb)

I'm so glad we're back =D

and to all our team, OTSUKARESAMA!!!!!  you know I love you *hugs*

note: do no redistribute. if you would like to post the file on another webpage please ask permission to do so (though we're unlikely to turn you down lol). this includes STREAMING WEBSITES and using it for translating into other languages; if we see our files being stolen by other websites or fansub teams again we will password lock our projects. thank you

keep checking for new releases soon!!!! ^^ check the projects list for more info!
do you have a NEWS video you'd love to see subbed? leave a comment in our suggestion box!  

- Clara
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