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Suggestions for Nantoka Fansubs

As you might know by now, Nantoka Fansubs is a fansub team dedicated exclusively to NewS related projects.
If you want us to sub something in particular please leave a comment in this thread. We will only accept NewS related projects, so please don't ask for anything else.
If you could participate in the project (in any position) you'll probably have more possibilities of having it accepted! =)

We are still a really small group, so please be patient. We take months to release a project, but as you can supose we all have our lives and do this as a hobby ^^

Rules for suggesting:
1. You must specify a concrete video. We will ignore suggestions like "please sub all the xxx series" and things like that.
2. You must be able to give us a link to the video in case we don't have it. No Youtube please.
3. Give us a good reason why you want it subbed, please =) this will help us chose your suggestion!
4. We accept any type of projects, but the shorter the vid is the more possibilities you'll have of us subbing it.
5. If any other subteam has taken the project forget it. We are still a bit slow, and won't be arguing with other fansub teams for projects. If another team has announced they'll be working on that please be patient and wait for their release!

**6. Cause I'm biased Tegoshi projects will most surely have priority over others =P**
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